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What is Moneyluck? Moneyluck is a financial institution that offers quick loans in the Spanish market. In this company you can request loans and credits of up to 8,000 euros, to be issued within 24 hours or less. The company is positioned as a financial institution that helps people to be included in Financial Credit Institutions. It offers the possibility of requesting fast loans with Financial Credit Institutions, in a secure way, without opening, cancellation or settlement commitments. Moneyluck has a loan and credit calculator on its website, and offers the client the possibility of interactively visualizing the data on the fast online money that you wish to request, the deadlines for its return and the cost of the loan.

Moneyluck loan application process

To apply for a loan in Moneyluck the first step would be to proceed with the creation of an application on the Moneyluck website. In the application, through the aforementioned interactive tool you can select the amount of borrowed money you need and the term in which you wish to make the return. On the part of the Moneyluck company, they will ask you for information necessary to carry out the assessment of your solvency, your financial and economic situation. Once these data are received, they will analyze them in the company, and proceed to the next step. Processing an online application through the loan comparator We is easier and faster than applying for a loan over the phone.

In Moneyluck they will provide you with a special link so that you can send it to the person who will endorse you. Once the link is received by your guarantor, he can complete the information required by Moneyluck to continue with the online loan application. Your guarantee will make the loan payment for you in case you can not pay it for any circumstance.

When the information is completed by all parties, Moneyluck will pay you the approved amount of money online. And they will always keep you informed of all the details of your application.

Moneyluck does everything possible to give you money as quickly as possible, within less than 24 hours after your endorsement is accepted. It is important to know that the money transfer is initially made to the account of the person who endorses you and then your guarantor makes the transfer to your account. It is a procedure that helps both parties (you and the person who endorses you) have proof of the loan and the amount issued, as well as ensuring full transparency and security, avoiding possible frauds that may take place when requesting money online.

How quickly the loans are issued in Moneyluck

The financial institution Moneyluck does everything possible so that you can apply for and obtain your loan online with maximum ease and speed. Moneyluck strives so that you can dispose of the money in less than 24 hours. However, it is important that both you and your guarantor present all the documentation in the proper way as soon as possible. This way you will have your loan online as soon as possible.

We advises you to have all the documentation prepared in advance, both you and your guarantor, as they can slow down the money application in Moneyluck some of the following cases:

If Moneyluck tries to contact the person who supports you, and does not get it. In the event that you make a request for a weekend or a holiday. In the event that there are difficulties in locating documentation that justifies ownership. In the event that Moneyluck requires any additional document to prove your identity document or if any additional information related to your financial or economic situation is needed.

Repay a loan early in Moneyluck

In Moneyluck you can return a loan before your regulatory return deadline. You can also make extra payments. You can make as many payments as you want, as long as your payments cover the amount of the fee you must pay in a certain period. There are no additional charges or fees for making an early refund or for making extra payments.

Apply for a loan without a guarantee in Moneyluck

Unfortunately, Moneyluck can not request loans without endorsement. Having a guarantor is an essential condition to apply for a credit in Moneyluck, since according to the policy of this company a guarantor represents a guarantee for both the return of the money, how much to show that the applicant has the support of another person. It is recommended that the guarantor be between the ages of 18 and 75 and not have proof of delinquency. Moneyluck, being a flexible financial institution, does not require the guarantor to own a property, but if it is, it will be an additional advantage.

Moneyluck – loans for the unemployed

Yes, at Moneyluck you can apply for a loan even if you are not currently working. Moneyluck issues loans without a payroll (it is not obligatory for the borrower to have a payroll). However, to meet the loan you will need to have a source of income that allows you to meet your current expenses and pay the installments of your loan in Moneyluck, otherwise your guarantor will have to return the borrowed money. But as an advantage, you should know that Moneyluck gives you the possibility to change the expiration date of the payment installments.

Paying a loan late in Moneyluck

Paying a loan late in Moneyluck

In Moneyluck, as in almost all financial institutions require that payments be made within the agreed time. In this way, in the event that an exceptional situation arises and you can not make the payment of the full amount of the fee within the established period, it is necessary that you contact Moneyluck to reach an agreement.

In case you do not agree with any of the clauses of the contract or the terms of your loan, you can submit a claim to Moneyluck.

Moneyluck makes it easy enough and offers you a large number of advantages in your quick loan for an amount of up to 8000 euros, with the possibility of an approval period of less than 24 hours. The quick loans and loans portal We has the pleasure of presenting Moneyluck – a financial institution where you can request a quick loan with Financial Credit Institutions, without a salary and even if you are unemployed.


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