It has become normal for people to think more and more in an instant. It is common to see people anxious to solve everything at the time, despairing with things that are not under their control and, because of this, they end up forgetting that there is a future and that according to the directions taken by Brazilian politics and, consequently, by the economy … The future seems less and less promising.

For this reason, most people have become interested in financial education and studied ways to save money in order to build an income for the future.

Enough of thinking like people who just think and see the now

Enough of thinking like people who just think and see the now

The time has come to radically change your stance. Beginning to go through the mindset process that people with financial intelligence passed as soon as they realized the economic trends of the country that was entering one of the biggest crises in history.

Saving, investing, or investing money for posterity is definitely not “old”. It’s smart people.

Ask yourself which future you want for yourself and your family and which group you want to be part of:

  • Those who have applied part of their income now and will have a quiet future from which they can enjoy without worry;
  • Those who have not saved part of their monthly income out of prejudice or misinformation and will have to spend all their retirement time running behind financial stability.

In this article, we will teach you how to invest with the money you have now, whether it is little or very much, you will learn to start with what you have.

People simply place the responsibility of your financial organization & nbsp;

This phrase is very common … People simply place the responsibility of your financial organization on the size of your salary, when what should happen is just the opposite: the less you get the more organized you should be.

What happens is creating an ideal salary goal to start doing anything, including investing, such as “when I earn $ 2,000, I will do that college”, “when I earn $ 2500, I will take my habilitation” …

This attitude is much more common than you think and is also one of the main causes of indebtedness, since when the person starts to earn a little more, then she starts to spend a lot more. And with that, she ends up asking for loans or bank credits, because in that way she thinks she can afford new debts because of the increase in salary.

What keeps you from starting to invest is not thinking that you can save money regardless of your monthly income. Can not you book at least $ 25/50 a month?

And, rest assured, if you do not know where to start and you do not see the money stopping in your bank account, start by reading our article on how to save on the day to day and save money without realizing it:

5 Tips to Save Money and Keep Your Financial Life Healthy

Do not expect the best conditions or the perfect life. Do not wait until next year or even a promotion at work. The conditions you so long for may never exist … Start now, stop making excuses for yourself. Build the future that you are so long for.

It may seem funny, but keep in mind the popular saying that says “From grain to grain the chicken fills up.” And go ahead.

Start with $ 30: Believe it, it’s possible!


If you want to start investing and have already researched, but do not know where to start … Possibly, you should know the Treasury Direct.

What is the Treasury Direct?

The Treasury Direct is a program that provides individuals with the negotiation of public bonds through the internet. This is considered a low risk investment option and cost for novice investors or a small investors.

There are several types of treasures and you need to analyze which is best for you, however, it should be considered that the Treasury has fees and is usually a long-term investment.

However, if you have what you have now, it’s $ 30.00 and if they are not invested, they will probably be spent on something irrelevant or unnecessary, making an investment in the Good Money Treasury.

And if you’re thinking … “But Good Money fell!”

The answer is yes, the Good Money has dropped. However, the Good Money Treasury is still more interesting and profitable than saving.

In addition, the Good Money Treasury will only be the first destination of your first $ 30 invested … After you learn more and see the results showing, believe me: this will be just the beginning.

From 30 to 30: The difference between “Chicken” and Fixed Income

From 30 to 30: The difference between "Chicken" and Fixed Income

Think of it this way: You can start investing R $ 30, in a week more you invest another R $ 30,00 and so on until you fill your “chat” …

If you plan to invest only this amount per week, your money will not yield extraordinarily at the Good Money, but one thing is certain: it will not stand still. So, put your money as soon as possible to work for you.